Dana L. Davis, MPT, MTT's portrait
Dana L. Davis, MPT, MTT
Director of Physical Therapy
Rehab Orthopedic Medicine
Decatur, GA

About Dana L. Davis, MPT, MTT

Dana is the Director of Physical Therapy at Rehab Orthopedic Medicine in Decatur, GA. She received a master's of physical therapy from the Institute of Physical Therapy at St. Augustine, FL.

Her professional strengths include manual therapy, wound care, sports orthopaedics, back and neck dysfunction, and management.

Dana's professional experience includes patient treatment in different settingsrehabiliation facilities, hospitals, outpatient clinics, and in nursing

Articles Written by Dana L. Davis, MPT, MTT

Stretches and Exercises for Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Three stretches, 2 exercises and advice to help ease as sacroiliac joint pain and sacroiliitis symptoms.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Balance and Prevent Spinal Fractures

Five balance boosting tips to help you prevent falling. Even a seemingly harmless slip, trip or fall can cause a painful back or muscle sprain, strain or spinal fracture.

What Can Physical Therapy Do For Me?

What is physical therapy? What can a physical therapy program do for me that I cannot do on my own?

Massage Therapy Helps Ease Neck and Back Pain

Massage is a treatment option for back pain and neck pain. Learn the basics of massage therapy and find out how it can help reduce your back or neck pain.

Biofeedback: Questions and Answers

Biofeedback can help a patient to affect a particular function specific to a problem through mental or physical exercises, such as relieving neck pain due to muscle tension.

What You Need to Know About Dry Needling for Low Back Pain

Dry needling is an emerging treatment for trigger points; tender and stiff knots of bundled muscles in your low back or neck. Dry needling for low back pain is often combined with physical therapy.

Occupational Therapy: Questions and Answers

The purpose of Occupational Therapy (OT) is to help people increase their functional independence in daily life while preventing or minimizing disability.

Hot and Cold Therapies for Pain and Discomfort

Hot and cold therapies are the oldest forms of treatment to help reduce muscle inflammation, tenderness, and pain. Learn more in this article.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation May Help Reduce Neck and Back Pain

TENS works to decrease pain perception and may be used to control acute and chronic pain. It may also be used with other treatments such as exercise.

Ultrasound Warms Neck or Back Muscles for Active Physical Therapy

Ultrasound is a passive modality: a supplement to the primary treatment (e.g. exercise). Passive modalities typically are used to relax the patient, a distraction from pain, and/or to warm muscles for exercise.

Physical Therapy: Questions and Answers

Physical therapy combines passive modalities with active exercise to help patients resume normal activities more quickly.

Physical Therapists: Professionals Working Toward Wellness

Physical therapists are highly educated medical professionals who work with patients toward wellness and injury prevention.

Joint and Soft Tissue Mobilization

Mobilization is a hands-on manual therapy designed to restore joint movement, power, and range of motion.

Hydrotherapy and Aquatic Therapy

Gentle water exercises use the water's resistance to build muscle strength and flexibility. Water exercise can benefit people who find weight bearing exercise difficult (or painful) on dry land.

Preventing Injuries at Work

Work injuries range from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to calf strains, headaches to radiating leg pain (Sciatica).

Recent blog posts from Dana L. Davis, MPT, MTT

May 20, 2016

Yoga That's Safe for My Spine

Yoga can offer gentle exercise as a way to get movement back into your life. Yoga benefits, how to find a licensed yoga instructor and poses to avoid if you have a spinal problem.

May 16, 2012

Can Pilates Improve My Posture and Help Prevent Upper Back Pain?

An expert explains how Pilates can help you maintain good posture and prevent back pain.

March 22, 2012

Pilates for Low Back Pain: Should You Add It to Your Exercise Routine?

"I'm 36, and I've had low back pain caused by spinal stenosis for the last few years. I recently read that doing Pilates can help reduce back pain. Should I be incorporating Pilates into my workout routine?"

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Articles Reviewed by Dana L. Davis, MPT, MTT

Slideshow Pilates for a Healthy Spine

Prevent Back Pain with these Pilates Exercises

The benefits of Pilates are plenty: It strengthens core muscles and back muscles, which can help reduce and prevent back pain. Learn 4 Pilates moves you can do right now for back pain prevention.

Slideshow 3 Ab Exercises to Keep a Healthy Back

Core Strengthening to Prevent Back Pain

There are a lot more benefits of ab exercises than six-pack abs. Ab exercises strengthen your core muscles, while keeping your back muscles strong, too. This slideshow shows you 3 easy ab exercises you can do to prevent back pain.

Physical Activity and Exercise for a Healthier Spine

In this article, you'll learn how physical activity can lead to a healthier spine and reduce your chance of having an injury.

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