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Possible 15 years of titanium allergy

Started by Laurie Romanello on 07/14/2020 11:03am

Hi! My name is Laurie and I’m now 52 years old. I have a history of surgeries with include:
1987-intestinal intussusception corrective procedure
1995-hysterectomy leaving only one ovary
1996-cervical cancer vaginal cone
2001- Lumbar laminectomy with three fusions and hardware
2001-Reopened for Antibiotic flush in lumbar due to severe Pseudomonas infection
2003-Hardware removal (during found 1 loose screw & fluid collection from prior infection
2004-Fourth fusion added
In 2005 I started gaining allot of fluid weight all over my body. The doctor said I had edema. I remember pushing my finger down into my leg and it left a big dent that would stay there for a long time. I could even make a hand print by squeezing around my calf. It was at that time I also had to be hospitalized at least twice a year with pneumonia. That went on for several years, until around 2016 . Then the edema started going down and the pneumonia stopped Justin quick as it started. I know, good right?! Well I had plenty of others that didn’t stop! They only got worse! I have unexplained bone pain that has gotten so intense ,I can hardly handle it anymore! I have pain down both legs and my right thigh is completely numb. I get these hives that are extremely itchy. Severe sweats! I wake up every morning with my tongue swollen up. My skin has gotten very dry and I developed these white circles around both elbows. My dermatologist did a biopsy and it came back with severe inflammation. I’ve also gotten sensitive to the sun and bright lights. My vision became blurred now and the eye doctor said that the tiny vessel’s are extremely. swollen like someone with severe Sjögren’s syndrome. I made many trips to the ER for pain in my lumbar so severe I can’t even stand up straight! The last one I was tools that the MRI showed L-1 L-2 level has a Large protrusion which has caused severe spinal canal stenosis. They also found a fluid collection within the adjacent paraspinous soft tissue. On a CT scan before that, they found that my intestines were severely inflamed. I just got a phone call today telling me that I have a bad intestinal infection caused by C-diff. Maybe that explains the nausea and diarrhea. But it doesn’t explain the severity of my back pain! I can’t even get the MELISA rest now due to COVID! I really feel like I’m going to die now and I can’t even get the proof I need of what’s causing all this! I was a healthy vibrant young lady before back surgery! Now I’m just a shell of what use to be. I really need to get the last fusion that was put in me, taken out! Does anyone have any input or ideas?! I’m so desperate right now!

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