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Possible hardware failure

Started by Hkm2003 on 07/19/2020 11:19pm

When I started to have consistent unbearable pain in my back and hip, with nerve pain radiating down my left leg and down into my foot, I went reluctantly to pain management. They did x-rays there and "possible hardware failure" and "possible fractured rod" were mentioned but swept under the rug.
9 years ago I had a tethered spinal cord due to spinal bifida. It caused extreme pain and I was soon unable to walk. The decision was ultimately made to remove a vertebra to shorten my spine and therefore prevent the possibility of the cord re tethering. Titanium rods and screws were placed.
I am requesting an mri to more closely examine the hardware and its condition.
My question is, how do I know if that is the problem and if it could be, what activity should I avoid? What happens if I somehow fully BREAK a rod? Will this result in an emergency? How.do I know if that happens? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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