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About Our Practice

Dr Marc Letellier, within his practice as a brain and spine surgeon, treats common ailments such as back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, sciatica, bulging disc, herniated disc, and degenerative disc disease. His approach to back pain treatment and treatment for sciatica caused by herniated disc as an example, is to first be conservative by prescribing a regiment of back pain exercises and other herniated disc therapy, such as epidural steroid injections and other injections. At times, anti -inflammatory medication can be prescribed. Even back pain chiropractic solutions can sometimes enter in the spine surgeons list of possible back pain remedies. Dr Letellier's approach to neck and shoulder pain due to herniated cervical disc, herniated disc symptoms and herniated disc pain is similar to that of back pain. He proposes a conservative cervical herniated disc treatment. Once these non surgical remedies have been exhausted, Dr Marc Letellier may suggest a conservative spine surgery regiment. Minimally invasive spine surgery is now available as a first line of lumbar spine surgery and cervical spine surgery. Surgery for herniated disc of the lumbar and cervical regions can also be treated in this manner. If a more complex spine surgery is necessary Dr. Letellier might propose a spinal fusion or an artificial cervical disc. Some of these more complex spinal surgeries can also be performed through a minimal invasive spine surgery technique. Finally, Dr Marc Letellier specializes in the treatment of failed back problems from other spine surgeons. This is usually seen as a result of previous back and neck surgery with or without fusion or instrumentation.
Being a neurosurgeon Dr Letellier has extensive experience with brain tumors, malignant or benign(non malignant)such as meningiomas and pituitary gland tumors, he also treats unruptured brain aneurysms and other brain ailments.
Dr. Marc Letellier, completed his neurosurgical residency in 1975 at the prestigious Mt Sinai hospital of Manhattan New York. He has been in the private practice of neurosurgery for the last twenty years in Arizona. Dr Letellier practices in most of the East Valley area hospitals. Dr Marc Letellier has extensive experience of over 33 years as a brain and spine surgeon.

  • Neurosurgeon
  • Board Certified
  • Fellowship Trained
  • AANS-CNS Section on Disorders of the Spine
  • American Association of Neurological Surgeons
  • Congress of Neurological Surgeons
  • North American Spine Society
Hospital Affiliations
  • Mercy Gilbert Medical Center
  • Banner Desert/Baywood Medical Center
  • Mountain Vista Medical Center
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