Primary Care / Internist, Pain Management in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW)

Michael J. Creswick MD

Primary Care / Internist, Pain Management


  • Sydney Physical Medicine
    8/1A Wongala Crescent, Beecroft
    Sydney, New South Wales, 2119 - Australia
    Phone: +61 2 94819585

About Our Practice

Primary care and consultant practice in Physical Medicine and Musculoskeletal Medicine, at Beecroft, Sydney. He is a Fellow of the Australian College of Physical Medicine. Associate Professor Creswick may be able to assist in the management of patients with these problems:

migraine-like headaches
migraine headaches associated with neck aches
temporomandibular joint problems
atypical facial pain
cervicogenic vertigo
neck stiffness or pain
acute and chronic "whiplash" injury
brachialgia (shoulder and arm pain)
unexplained chest, abdominal or pelvic pain
the conservative management of radicular pain
upper and lower back pain or stiffness
coccydynia (tail bone pain)
peripheral pain and paraesthesiae
shoulder and other peripheral joint dysfunctions
pain syndromes not responding to therapy
disturbance of gait or posture

Techniques he is trained in include:
manual treatment including gentle mobilisation and manipulation
trigger point injection
the Swedish Blomberg Injection technique (which includes Blomberg's specific manual treatment) for lower back pain
botulinum toxin injection for headache and muscular pain.
muscle assessment and specific exercise prescription to improve posture and strength
medication for pain management
appropriate referral if required

  • Primary Care / Internist
  • Pain Management
  • Board Certified
  • Fellowship Trained
Hospital Affiliations
  • HMO Consultant Royal North Shore H
  • VMO Sydney Adventist H
  • VMO Dalcross Private H
  • VMO Macquarie University H
University Affiliations
  • Associate Clinical Lecturer Sydney Uni
  • Associate Professor ASAM Macquarie Uni
Languages spoken at this practice
  • English
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